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How we work

Conditions of booking.

We do not book for the term of rent less than 2 nights, you can contact us before your arrival, or at the day of arrival and receive the information about free apartments.

If your term of rent will be 2 nights and more, you can reserve any apartment, under condition of absence of any reservations on it for other client.
It is necessary to pay for the 1st (first) day of residing in the apartment.

ATTENTION! We accept applications from all clients, but the preference will be given those who has carried out an advance payment. An advance payment guarantees us your arrival, and we guarantee the booking for you.
The advance payment is joined in the cost of residing.
The advance payment can be carried out in several ways: Payment at the ' Western Union ' system , a credit card and a bank transfer. For more detailed information - call to our office.
Try to reserve an apartment in advance, 1-2 weeks before your arrival.

Cancelling of the reservation.

In case you could not arrive at the stipulated date, the advance payment for the 1st (first) day of the rent is not given back.
In case of the changing of the date of your arrival the advance payment is not given back, you will need to make a new booking for new date and to send an advance payment once again.Doing an advance payment, you guarantee to us the fact of your arrival and we hold an apartment for you , refusing to other clients

Time of the settlement, Time of the departure.

Time of the settlement - 12:00 Time of the departure - 12:00-13:00.
The early settlement (till 12:00) is possible only in the event that the apartment is already free for this time.
time of the departure - 12:00. The carrying of the time of departure till 14:00 is possible under the condition of clients absence for given time. If your time of departure is after 14:00, you pay in addition half of the daily cost of an apartment. Later time of departure is possible only in the event that the apartment is not reserved by the following client.

How to make the payment for an apartment.

Thw payment for rent of an apartment is made by cash during the moment of settling for the whole term of rent forward. If you do not have cash, you can take the money from your credit card in any cash dispense, you can exchange travel-checks in any bank.

What is included in the cost of an apartment.

The prices at our site are in standard units for a day of rent. The price is for all the apartment, instead of for the quantity of people, but no more:
two persons in a one-room apartment
four person in two-room and three-room apartments
In the cost of an apartment are included: a bed and a kitchen accessories, towels; electricity, hot and cold water, city telecommunication. Cleaning of an apartment with replacement of bed-clothes and towels once a week at any time that is convenient for you.
In the cost of an apartment are not included: long-distance and international communication (to call to other city or country you can only at presence of a special card of an IP-telephony which are on sale in boothes, in communication centers, on allocations near any station of the underground, etc. (the calls with 8 and 10 are disconnected in apartments). Other services (additional cleaning of an apartment, washing of personal things, etc.) are made for additional payment.

CHECKS and documents the business-trip traveller.

We give checks, receipts about payment and other documents, but unfortunately, not for all apartments specified on the site. For more detailed information call to our office.

The apartment in section of the one-day rent, but it is necessary for the long-term rent.

In the majority one-day-rent apartments can be rented for long term, but we recommend to specify the cost at once - sometimes it may be overestimated. If you like an apartment in the " long-term rent " section , but you wish to rent it for some days - alas - it is impossible!





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