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Why we are better?

Why us? Are we better than the others? Why to work with us?

1. We have the cheapest prices for the short-term rent in Kharkov city, real estate agencies and private agents are taking apartments from us and then subrenting them to clients.

2. We have been working for the last 15 years and stay in the same office since 1999!

3. We are oficially registered company, pay taxes and are able to give out all the required receipts, checks and other documents.

4. Our website might be the one only in Kharkov, that publishes videos of apartments, in addition to the regularly updated photos.

EDITED in September 2014





Our address
Ukraine, Kharkov, 61003
Constitution Square 1
Palace of Labor
Office 7212
Our phones
(phone)+38 (057) 719-08-79
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