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Every year lots of tourists from many countries arrive to Kharkov, including people from Europe. This city attracts attention of not only foreign travelers, but also important business people. But generally speaking, there is nothing to be surprised of, since there are many things worth looking at - architecture and culture monuments, museums and theaters, wonderful parks and many other sites of attraction.
As we know from the joint experience of real estate agencies which are working with daily rent business, the hot season for visitors from other countries come in summer time and during Christmas holidays. It is worth to mention that foreign travelers have a bit different mentality and renting a economic apartment might be not a good choice for them. Thus, such people in most cases prefer staying in high class furnished apartments or in the hotel. For the last previous years we have noticed the trend when people from other countries like to stay in flats which are rented on the daily basis. Foreign citizens might need visa support or even special invitation to enter Ukraine, or Kharkov to be more specific. Besides this, not all travelers speak and read Ukrainian language and they may need a translator. Those services can be easily obtained in the real estate agency.





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