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Renting apartments

1 room

Here is the list of one-room apartments in Kharkov city. Most of them are small cosy studios in the downtown of the city. Several flats are big enough and we managed to put 2 beds in there, But most of the one roomers have normal size sofa bed. Prices vary a lot from 25 to 40 USD per day.

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2 rooms

The apartments presented here have 2 rooms - normally it is one bed room and one living room. In most cases there is a bed in the bed room and sofa-bed in the living room, but there are exceptions. The total price for your stay for some specific apartment might vary a bit - the price for 2 families (4 people) staying 1 day only will be more expensive than if 1 person stays there 1 week! Prices for 2-roomers start from 35 USD up to 60 USD.

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3 rooms and more

You have a big family or you have a huge company - then you need 3 rooms apartment or maybe even something larger? These variants are for you!

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