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Krasnooktyabrskaya 7

Price 30 USD


Short street, parallel to Poltavskiy Shlyakh. Right now this treet is called Krasnooktyabrskaya, long time ago it was called Kontorskaya street. The building is located on crossroads of Engels and Krasnooktyabskaya, around 5 minutes walk away from Constitution and Roza Luxemburg squares.

Apartment description

One of the cheapest Kharkov apartments in the area of Constitution Square. It is a small flat but with the new renovation made, it was finished in March 2007. The building has 2 floors but with the huge ground floor, so in reality this apartment is between the ground and the second floors - located on the 1.5 floor. The building entrance is in the satisfactory condition and you can see it on photos. The street metal door has security code lock. This apartment has everything you need for a comfortable stay - washing machine, gas stove, microwave, coffee machine, large screen TV SONY, DVD player etc. There is no bathtub here - instead we installed the shower cabin and the electric hot water heater. Another interesting feature of this flat, that makes it unique - gas heating!! it means you can regulate the temperature inside at your own wish. The price for this apartment varies from 25 to 30 USD per day, depending on how long yo plan to stay.

Additional info

  • Satellite tv?...... No
  • Internet?........................... No
  • Air condition?...................... No
  • Parking?........................... No


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