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Roza Luxemburg 8

Price 38 USD


Roza Luxemburg Square, 100 meters away from MacDonald's, TSUM, 5 minutes walk away from Constitution Sq.

Apartment description

An nice apartment in the very heart of city of Kharkov. 5th floor of the 6-stored building. The complete renovation was finished in Summer 2008. The design is rather unique and it is different from other flats. It has one room, big queen size bed and an extra sleeping place - small folding sofa-bed.
This building has an elevator, steeled entrance door with magnet coded lock. There are all kinds of electric equipment here - washing machine, microwave, aircondition, dvd player etc. In the bathroom, you can find a large bathtub.
Surely the best thing about this apartment is its location. It is located within 5 minutes walk away from 30-40 cafes and restaurants (e.g. Sharikoff, Yakitoria,
Zdorovenki Buly, 100 PUDOV, Arlekino, MacDonalds, Birzha Piva, Le Monti, Maranella pizza and many many others. On the other note, in the close vicinity there are many temples and churches - like Pokrovskiy Monastery, Uspenskiy Cathedral with Organ Hall, Blagoveshenskaya church.... Right in the same building, in the ground floor, there is the best strip bar in Kharkov called Flash Dancers (owners are the US citizens). Our own office is located only 100-150 meters away from this apartment. Here is the link to the satellite photo
the builfing in question is located right in the center of the screen and it has APTEKA # 50 in it.
This apartment has wifi internet.
This accommodation in Kharkov costs 35-38 usd per day depending on how long you plan to stay. Contact us for more info!

Additional info

  • Satellite tv?...... Yes
  • Internet?........................... Yes
  • Air condition?...................... Yes
  • Parking?........................... Yes


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